Dr. Diana L. Walcutt
Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy
Realize Your Full Potential!"

     "The purpose of our work is to teach people how to live better lives."

    Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, attention or learning problems,
    relationship issues, health concerns, chronic pain,or stress? The good news is
    that these problems are common enough for psychologists to understand and treat.
    The bad news is that you may be dealing with some of these same challenges.  

    There are many approaches that professionals can use for these issues and
    Dr. Walcutt offers Psychotherapy, Relaxation techniques, Hypnosis, and   
    Neurofeedback to patients.  She can discuss your problem with you and your
    physician and develop a plan so that you and your team are working together for
    your optimal health.

    Dr. Walcutt is a Maryland Licensed Psychologist.  Her undergraduate degree
    from The Johns Hopkins University and her doctorate from Biola University,  
    Rosemead School of Psychology, affords her superior training in the brain and the
    mind, as well as the personal issues in life.  This unique combination of education
    and experience gives her an understanding of the whole person --  body, mind, and
    spirit -- that you may are looking for today.   

    Call her for an appointment.  She will be honored to help you or your family.
Dr. Walcutt is a member of
The American Psychological Association
The Maryland Psychological Association
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